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<a data-cke-saved-href="http://Info Produk Features 2" href="http://Info Produk Features 2" and="" 5"="" angle="" accuracies="" prism="" dr="" measurements="" fast,="" accurate="" edm="" provides="" reliable="" long="" life="" li-ion="" battery="" easy-to-use="" keypad="" rugged="" lightweight="" system="" design="" dependability="" for="" your="" survey="" crews="" trimble="" at="" an="" affordable="" price="" rugged,="" feature="" packed="" days="" in="" the="" field="" proven="" range,="" accuracy="" quality="" available="" 2"="" single="" face="" midels="" 3000m="" range="" to="" a="" up="" 400m="" non-reflective="" surfaces="" simple="" intuitive="" onboard="" software="" easy="" use="" dual="" or="" keypads="" operate="" instrument="" intuitive,="" quick="" learn="" interface="" data="" collection="" two="" user-programmable="" measure="" keys="" separately="" configuring="" measurement="" parameters="" bluetooth="" connectivity="" external="" controller="" integrated="" wireless="" connection="" gives="" you="" power="" of="" access="" on="" controller"=""> http://Info Produk Features 2" and 5" angle accuracies Prism and DR measurements Fast, accurate EDM provides fast, reliable measurements Long life Li-ion Battery Easy-to-use keypad Rugged and lightweight system design Dependability for your Survey Crews Trimble dependability at an affordable price Rugged, lightweight and feature packed for long days in the field Proven Range, Accuracy and Quality Available in 2" and 5" single face midels Provides 3000m range to a single prism Up to 400m DR range to non-reflective surfaces Simple Intuitive Onboard Software Easy to use dual or single face keypads to operate the instrument Intuitive, quick to learn and field proven interface and onboard data collection software Two user-programmable measure keys for separately configuring measurement parameters Bluetooth Connectivity to External Controller Integrated wireless Bluetooth connection Gives you the power of Trimble Access field software on an external controller



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